High Fives is a small, family owned business that is owned and operated by Amy & Chuck. We don't have any other employees (except 3 sons) which keeps our overhead down and our prices affordable!  Many people have asked us why we started this business.  Well, having 3 boys in high school we have seen a ton of school logo apparel in various colors and styles over the years. But what we didn't see was anything fun and exciting! Everything was always the same from year to year. Always the same old "Mercer" and always the same old colors. That gets kind of boring after a while, doesn't it?  So, we decided to start making fresh designs for the students, parents, and coaches to wear.  Amy likes to add items with bling like glitter, foil, sequins, or rhinestones...because she has a thing for "bright and shiny" objects.  Chuck and the boys on the other hand like camouflage, tie-dye, and bold colors.  Our colors are bright and the designs are exciting and engaging. No more of the same old, same old. We're even refreshing the tried and true designs and offering them on new and different garments that have never been offered before. 

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Who we are

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email:  amy@highfivescustomapparel.com

Telephone: 724.290.6006

Mercer, PA 16137

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