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We can just about embroider anything.  Hats, jackets, bags, horse items, and even dog collars.  It's hard to say how much a logo will be without having it digitized first.  In order to have YOUR logo embroidered it must be digitized into a format that works with the embroidery machine.


PRICING: Embroidery costs differ due to size of design. Generally the cost is a $1.50 per 1,000 stitch count. (Meaning if you have a 10,000 stitch count, it would cost you $15.)  The digitizing fee for a standard left chest logo is usually $20.00; however, once you pay to digitize the logo it will always be available with no further cost to set up. The cost for other sizes differ. If you would just like some text embroidered there is no digitizing required unless it is a specific font. We offer THOUSANDS of stock designs for all your embroidery needs.  Let's look at the jacket below to help you understand embroidery costs:  

This Penn-Ohio Full back logo is 22,519 stitches.  The full back would cost $33.78, plus $5 for “Makenzie” and $5 for “Champ 2020”.  Making the total embroidery cost per jacket $43.78 plus the cost of the jacket.  Once you have paid to have your logo digitized you will NEVER have to pay for it again with us.  Want to change the color next year?  No problem, there’s NO CHARGE for that.

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