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Ceremony Brand Frame

Ceremony Brand Frame


Our Ceremony Brand Frames don't always have to be for a wedding.  Most of us who get married don't start off with a ranch/farm :)   Many times the "brand" is made after years of hard work.  Whatever time frame it was...put it on the wall or mantle NOW.  Makes a great gift for anyone.


These frames can stand up alone or you can hang them. They do not come with hanging hardware. However, we would be more than happy to add it if needed. If you would like hanging hardware attached, please just let us know upon purchase.

*PLEASE NOTE* These signs are distressed and worn looking the stain and wood is not perfect looking.


Choose your hide!!  Your choice of stain!   Totally custom with us.  If you need help or have questions, shoot me an email:


Please keep in mind that all hides are different, so when you want a black and white, that is what you'll get.  I will make sure it is unique and attractive.  



12x12 $60

14x14 $85

16x16 $115

20x20 $135

Many times customers are local and want to pick their items up, if you need this item shipped we will contact you about shipping, as it is an added expense and will not calculate at checkout.


If you are uploading a logo or a brand, just do so below here (look for the blue box)

  • Returns/Exchanges

    Do to this being a custom product, no returns or exchanges will be issued.  If we accidently mispell your name or initials, then we will gladly issue an exchange.

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