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Payne Horse Sheet

Payne Horse Sheet


This is the offical Payne horse sheet.  It will have an embroidered logo and your option to have yours horses name embroidered underneath the logo. 


-420D nylon sheet material now made in a lightweight sheet liner. Add an extra layer without the extra straps to get in the way. A sheet liner is perfect to add instead of doubling up sheets or adding sheets under heavier blankets. Leg straps from the top blanket feed through the leg slots of the liner to connect the 2 pieces and hold them in place.


-Fitted V-Free® Pressure Free Wither

Patented Fitted V-Free® stable sheets are designed to prevent rubbing and relieve pressure on moderate to low withers. They are uniquely designed to fit Arabians, Quarter Horses, Stock breed horses or those with Sloped Shoulder Conformation. Darts at the hip form a contoured fit around the rump. V-Free® sheets begin where the mane ends, leaving the mane uncovered.


-Deep V Closed front has a deeper cut, allowing your horse's head down without pulling the blanket forward, avoiding discomfort or rubbing.


-Contour Fit

Shaped wither, seamed back and multiple hip darts conform to your horse's natural topline and make this a very comfortable sheet for all day stable use.

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